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Activate the Passion within You Today.

Create the Success of Tomorrow.

Mental Performance Training for Athletes, Executives, all Performers 

About Me

My name is Michael Levy. 

A question I ask my clients is: What is your 'Why'?


This is my 'Why’... why I am passionate about what I do!  


I love watching other people succeed. I am a dream-developer, a dream-encourager. I never tell an athlete it is not possible. Rather, we shift the mindset to realize how we can make it happen. I love watching the impossible take place. As Kevin Garnett stated after winning the 2008 Boston Celtics Championship, “Anything is Possible.”


I resonate with that quote and belief. As a two-time kidney transplant patient and someone who has dealt with health challenges, I can attest that with the right mindset and tools, anything is possible. My second transplant took the game that I love, baseball, away from me. Through implementing the mental skills of self-talk, imagery, visualization and unwavering belief, I was back on the baseball field in four weeks to finish my season.


My philosophy of practice is a client-centered holistic approach. I cultivate genuine relationships with each of my clients to truly understand the person within the performer. We will set goals, define the journey and put together an actionable plan to improve performance. I guide and empower my clients to implement and utilize mental skills to achieve their fullest potential, leading to ultimate success!


What is your 'Why'?

Passion Creates Success!

Mental Conditioning


  • ​Olympic Athletes, Israel National Softball Player, Collegiate Athletes, Elite World Marathon Runner 

  • Opal Wealth Advisors - C-Level Executives 

  • European Champion, Israel National Baseball Team​ - 18U

  • Junior Tennis Champions Center - Nationally ranked Youth Tennis Athletes, ages 10-18  ​

  • Leadership Public High School​ 

  • Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility


B.A. Communications - Quinnipiac University


M.A. Sport Psychology - John F. Kennedy University 

Peak Performance Mentality

"Best way to ignore the noise, is to be the noise."

"Leaders exude confidence even when, to the outside, confidence shouldn't exist."


"The game takes places 6 inches between the ears. It just happens on the field." 

"The game doesn't know the game is important."

"Silent hustle screams the loudest in the dark and shines the brightest in the light."

"Everything is energy, Your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplify it, and your actions increase its momentum." 





Activate Mental Performance (AMP) provides mental skills training with the goal of guiding and empowering athletes, executives and performers of all industries to optimize potential and performance. Assessment strategies are used as a foundational tool to implement the appropriate mental skills training to guide and support all clients.


We are all performers in all walks of life. From our personal to our business to our athletic lives, we consistently perform, striving to do and be the best version of ourselves, every day. The game of life, business, or sports takes place in our heads but happens on the field.


Activate your ability and take control of your mind and the way you live your life. WIN the game of business. WIN the game of sports. Win the game of life. WIN the game of Mental Performance!


Looking forward to being a small part of the journey to your ultimate success!


AMP it up! 


Mental Skills

Intake Analysis

Needs Assessments

Behavioral Analytics

Goal Setting


Enhance Confidence

Focus & Attentional Control


Emotional Control

Performance Anxiety


Overcoming Adversity

Handling Failure

Imagery & Visualization

Leadership Development 

Athletic Identity 


Culture Development




Team Building

Metntal Skills





Michael has been a great help to me furthering my game by unlocking mental capabilities that have been a tremendous help on and off the field to keep me motivated, locked in, and put me in the best position to be successful. Michael allows you to get to the solutions by yourself through guidance and questions that you answer which help you reach the spot he wants you to get. This technique is very useful as it makes you the center of the process, having you understand what will help you through talking and thinking about areas of your mental game you never had. Michael understands what it means to be an athlete and is a true grinder that is what makes him an even greater Mental Performance Coach.


Assaf Lowengart

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